Concrete & Coating

Enhance and Protect Your Structures with Expert Concrete & Coating Solutions

Nova Construction Services specializes in concrete and coating services, utilizing the versatility and durability of concrete to meet a wide range of construction needs. Concrete is one of the most frequently used building materials, offering strength and longevity for various applications.

Sidewalk Replacement
Coating Repair And Installation
Cast Stone Installation
Vault Repairs And Replacement
Gfrc / Gfrp Cornice Restoration
Concrete Eyebrow And Structural Repairs
Concrete & Coating

What is Concrete & Coating Work?

Concrete is extensively used for numerous construction tasks due to its durability and versatility. Common uses include:

  • Footpaths, Driveways, and Roads: Providing strong, durable surfaces for pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
  • Residential and Commercial Construction: Used in floors, walls, foundations, and footings for robust structural support.
  • Posts, Fences, and Walls: Offering sturdy and long-lasting solutions for property boundaries and security.
  • Specialty Applications: Including boat hulls and other custom structures.
  • Precast Concrete vs. Cast Stone: Precast concrete is typically stronger than natural cut limestone but lacks the aesthetic appeal. Cast Stone, however, offers both strength and the look of natural stone, making it an ideal solution for many architectural needs.

Our Concrete & Coating Services

Nova Construction Services offers a comprehensive range of concrete and coating services, including:

  • Sidewalk Replacement: Removing and replacing damaged sidewalks to ensure safety and functionality.
  • Coating Repair and Installation:  Applying protective coatings to concrete surfaces to enhance durability and resistance to weathering.
  • Cast Stone Installation: Installing cast stone elements for aesthetic and structural benefits.
  • Vault Repairs and Replacement: Addressing damage and wear in vaults to maintain structural integrity.
  • GFRC / GFRP Cornice Restoration: Restoring GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) and GFRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic) cornices to their original condition.
  • Concrete Eyebrow and Structural Repairs: Repairing and restoring concrete structural elements to ensure safety and longevity.

Why Choose Nova Construction Services?

  • Expertise: Our team has extensive experience in concrete and coating applications, ensuring high-quality results.
  • Durable Materials: We use top-grade materials to ensure the longevity and durability of our work.
  • Comprehensive Services: From sidewalk replacement to cast stone installation, we offer a full range of concrete and coating services.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We prioritize customer satisfaction, providing exceptional service from consultation through project completion.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

We offer a variety of protective coatings designed to enhance durability, resist weathering, and improve the appearance of concrete surfaces.

Signs include visible cracks, chips, spalling, or any structural issues. Our experts can provide a thorough assessment to determine the best course of action.

Cast stone offers the strength of precast concrete with the aesthetic appeal of natural stone, making it ideal for both structural and decorative applications.

Yes, we provide custom concrete and coating solutions to meet specific design and structural requirements.

The duration depends on the scope and complexity of the project. We provide a detailed timeline during the consultation phase.

For professional concrete and coating services that combine durability and aesthetic appeal, trust Nova Construction Services. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a consultation.
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Nova Construction Services offer access services.
We offer the following services:

Sidewalk Shed

Suspended Scaffolding

Pipe Scaffolding

Material Hoist


Based on our many years of experience, we offer consulting services in the following areas:

Emergency Repairs

Mortar And Stone Analysis

Aeriallift Inspections

Test Cleaning

Suspended Scaffolding Inspection

Roofing Analysis

Concrete & Coating

Nova Construction Services offer concrete & coating services.
Concrete is one of the most frequently used building materials. It is used extensively for a wide range of construction work, such as footpaths, driveways and roads, residential and commercial construction – floors and walls, foundations and footings, for posts, fences and walls, and even boat hulls.
Precast concrete is typically stronger than natural cut limestone, but it doesn’t have the look of natural cut stone. Cast Stone, on the other hand, solves both problems. Cast Stone can be stronger than precast concrete and is easily cast to produce identical pieces.

Sidewalk Replacement

Coating Repair And Installation

Cast Stone Installation

Vault Repairs And Replacement

Gfrc / Gfrp Cornice Restoration

Concrete Eyebrow And Structural Repairs

Architectural Metals

Nova Construction Services offer architectural metals services.
Architectural metalwork is a unique factor in the building process that involves using metalwork practices to create structures that are not only functional but also have a strong aesthetic role to play too. It is the bringing together of metalwork and architecture.
Architectural steel fabrication often involves the use of decorative elements, such as ornamental railings, staircases, and facades. On the other hand, structural steel fabrication is concerned with the strength and stability of the building.
As part of the architectural metals service, Nova Construction Services offers:

Cast Iron Repair & Replacement

Fire Escape Restoration

Cornice Retoration  & Replacement

Steel Retoration & Replacement

Canopy, Entrace & Gate Restoration

Window Restoration

Copper Roof Replacement

Ralling Replacement

Skylight Replacement

Structural Shoring

Architectural Stones

Nova Construction Services offer architectural stones services.
Stone is a highly durable, low maintenance building material with high thermal mass. As a natural substance that is quarried and mined from the earth and used in a variety of applications in construction, including: masonry, including decorative elements such as pillars, swags and porticos, floor and wall tiles and cladding.
As part of the facade restoration service, we offer the following:

Landmark Preservation

Terra Cotta Repair Replacement

Limestone, Brownstone and Granite Repair and Replacement

Roofing & Waterproofing

Nova Construction Services offers roofing & waterproofing services.
Waterproofing is a process designed to prevent liquids from entering a structure. Comprehensive waterproofing measures are often added to the building to provide moisture control during construction, and waterproofing materials are applied after the structure is built to eliminate any problems that may be encountered.
As part of the roof & waterproofing service, Nova Construction Services offers:

Roof Replacement

Slate Roof Replacement

Roof Recovery

Balcony and Tarace Waterproofing

Façade restorations

Nova Construction Services offers façade restorations services.
This process is the process that reveals the appearance of the building. Facade systems are made with very different materials. These can be processes such as styrofoam coating, glass coating and metal coating. The main purpose of facade treatments made of these, or other materials is to protect the building.
Façade restorations means aesthetic improvements to the front of a building including installing, restoring, replacing or repairing awnings, windows, doors, cladding, and architectural features.

Mansory Restoriation

Stucco Installation

Local Law 11 Repairs

Facade and Stone Cleaning

Metal Panel Systems