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564 Park Avenue (Phase A + Phase B)

Colony Club


2019 - 2021


Howard L. Zimmerman Atchitects. P.C.

Scope of Work:

Remove and replace all white glazed brick on facades, including bulkhead at the main roof. Remove and replace masonry to facilitate steel repairs and replacement face brick. Remove and replace existing marble coping stones. Remove and replace existing bluestone and cast stone window sills. Remove and rebuild existing parapet walls. Extend existing parapet wall at upper roof north and west facades. Remove and replace existing water table stones. Remove and replace existing window sills with new cast stone window sills. Repair crack and install expansion joint. Remove, restore and reinstall existing iron fence at west parapet wall. Provide and install new specified shelf angles. Reinforce deteriorated structural steel members exposed at all areas. Provide and install specified flashing and trim at window heads, sills and copings. Provide and install self-adhered flashing at window and door lintels and jambs at each opening. Provide and install vapor permeable air and water barrier membrane to parged backup masonry. Fully parge backup masonry as substrate for air and water barrier membrane. Remove and replace existing calamine windows and frames new specified fire-rated windows and frames to match existing. Remove and replace existing roof system. Relocate as required and reinstall existing electrical conduit, condensate pipes, and surface mounted lighting to facilitate brick replacement. Relocate existing refrigerant pipes as required to perform masonry work. Extend height of pipes as required due to parapet wall alternation and reinstall include draining and filling of pipes.

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